Don’t fall victim to scammers who lock your computer or browser with screen pop-ups and frozen browser pop-ups.

I have always been the computer guy that family, friends and clients consult for computer/web advice. It is alarming to me how many times I can recount over the years receiving calls regarding this particular kind of computer scam.

“Hey my computer or web browser won’t let exit away from this message that says I need to call customer support, there is a virus on my computer and they will remove it for X amount of dollars”.  

Sometimes these scammers will claim to be from Microsoft, Google or some other brand name company we are all familiar with. This allows the scammer to establish some sort of trust with the potential innocent victim. Most of the time I have been able to steer people in the right direction and have them avoid the pitfall of wasting several hundred dollars to an internet scammer.

Don’t fall victim to this type of malicious behavior. There are a few different steps you can take to remove yourself from this ugly situation.

If you are extremely uncomfortable with computers, simply disconnect from the internet if you can or just turn off your computer completely. Power down and consult with someone you trust to help you.

If you are stuck on a frozen browser message or screen in Windows, open task manager and end the process for the browser. Alternatively, Force Quit on a Mac. I would recommend immediately running anti malware and virus removal software on either Windows and Mac OS, yes, Apple computers get infected as well. One of my favorites of my favorites:


Make sure to stay protected with a good antivirus program. Remember, don’t hand over money to a stranger on the internet demanding it from you, call someone you trust.